ARMCO SOLUTIONS Ltd is an independent company established in 2014

ARMCO Solutions was set up by Jeremy Bending who draws on 30 years experience within the gas, wider energy and utilities sector. Jeremy saw a widespread need within corporations to balance the areas of risk management, financial performance and dealing with regulation. Drawing on this understanding and his extensive experience and achievements, he created his unique working model and founded ARMCO Solutions.

ARMCO Solutions works with asset intensive businesses to help them:-

  • Understand and manage Risk: – To help companies develop a comprehensive understanding of the inherent asset and risk management approaches required.
  • Out-perform financially: – To help companies align asset management strategies and policies to wider company goals and objectives.
  • Constructively manage the relationship with Regulatory bodies and key external stakeholders with a key focus on the safety, environmental and economic factors.

Due to our extensive experience within the gas, the wider energy and the utilities sector we can deliver deep insights into safety, regulatory and asset management approaches.

Jeremy is the Director and Owner of ARMCO Solutions – read his bio »