What We Do

“Managing cost, balancing risk and delivering exceptional asset performance”

We support executive teams of asset intensive businesses and organisations who are keen to improve their operating performance and to:

  1. Manage Risk – To help companies develop a comprehensive understanding of the inherent asset and risk management approaches required (e.g. in the areas of safety, environmental, economic, and reputational). Provide advice as to how best to integrate these risk management activities into the wider corporate risk management processes. This is particularly critical in sectors managing major accident hazards or where high reliability is an essential requirement.
  2. Out-perform financially – To help companies align asset management strategies and policies to wider company goals and objectives. Our aim is to deliver a structured but innovative framework for financial out-performance whilst maintaining industry leading levels of safety, environmental and customer performance. A particular area of focus is the optimisation and prioritisation of investment and maintenance strategies.
  3. Develop External and Regulatory strategies – gain a clear understanding of the different needs of the Safety, Environmental and Economic regulators in conjunction with those of Government, wider political bodies and the media to ensure that where possible win-win asset management approaches are adopted and external messages are developed to address the needs of all stakeholders.

Due to our extensive experience within the gas, the wider energy and the utilities sector we can deliver deep insights into safety, regulatory and asset management approaches and leading practices.

Our Process

  1. We offer a free initial consultation
  2. Diagnostic option using a tailored diagnostic tool
  3. Report with key insights, recommendations and high level plans for value delivery
  4. Tailored support for implementation phase
  5. Measurement of results and value tracking
  6. Provide ongoing support as a Board Advisor or Non-executive Director